My MAC Lipstick Palette

 Hi Lovelies... as you know I resently depoted all my mac lipsticks, since I did this I have been asked to do a post on all my lipsticks in the palette, So I have decided to do that today.

So first of I used the mac duo palette with the 12 well insurts on each side to do this. The reson I decided on the 12 well and not the 24 well is because the 24 well seems to be very shallow and dose not hold alot of lipstick unlike the 12 well which will hold a full lipstick. these palettes are very handy and around chrismas time I will be making another one with my illamasqua lipsticks and also a cream foundation palette following this tuturial here

anyways the reaon I decided to do this is because as a makeup artist I need more space and need to be able to take many colours on a job as you never know the photorapher might have a cirtin colour in mind of whatever and its not very praticle to carry around like 30 lipsticks at a time so this palette holds 24 lipsticks so it much easyer and takes up alot less space. 

so the way I have laid this palette out is by one side I have pinks and purples and the other is my nudes and reds, as you can tell there is 7 spaces in this palette these will be getting filled up soon though, also when I do the illamasqua palette I will be getting the single palette to use as I dont have as many illamsqua as mac. 

pinks and purples
purple from left to right - Cyber (satin), Reble (satin), Gose and gose (pro longwair), Evaning strole (casual lip and cheek colour), Violetta (amplified) 

Pinks from left to right - Impassioned (amplified), Girl about town (amplified), Show Orchid (amplified), lickable (cremesheen), Chatter box (amplified) 

Nudes and Reds
Nudes left to right - Fleshpot (satin), Viva glam gaga 2 (amplified), Madly Creative (frost)

Reds left to right - Morange (amplified), Retro (satin), Ruby Woo (retro Matte), Sin (matte) 

so thats them all if there is any colour you really think I need please comment down below. 


  1. You have some really pretty colours! I don't know whether I would have the patience to depot all of those, haha :)xo

  2. I love the cyber (satin) so pretty! Awesome post!

  3. Wow, you have such a lovely collection, and I love how you've depotted them into a palette :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  4. Sin is gorgeous! I can't believe I never knew about it!

  5. Ah I have a mac palette just waiting for me to depot my lipsticks but I cant bring myself to doing it yet!