Favorite Lipsticks For Spring/Summer 13

Hello my lovelies. feels like I have not spoken to you in a long time as I have been away doing makeup for the Edinburgh Collage of Art costume show the past few days, it was amazing and I will be getting photos soon so keep an eye out for them. Todays post was actually a suggestion request from jessica on twitter  she suggested I did a post on my favorite lipsticks for spring. 

Anyways lets get on with my favorite lipsticks for spring/summer 13

Lipsticks are one of my favorite makeup items as they have the ability to change a day time look into a evening look, they can also help to change your mood a bright lipstick always makes me more happy then a nude or a red lip. 

My 5 favorites for spring/summer 13 are all MAC lipstick's this is pretty easily explained I only have MAC lipsticks in my own collection. If you take a look in my kit you will see things from illamasqua mac and revlon but take a look in my own collection all thats there is mac. 

Now if you want I can do a post on my favorite spring/summer lipsticks for other people if that would interest any of you. 

as you can tell all of my favorites are bright bright colours keeping away from red and brown. all of them have a pink undertone as well because I love the pink shades on my skin tone and they soot many other people as well. 

Girl abut town - Is a bright reddier toned pink. this colour is gorgeous and lots of people love it £14
Up The Amp - this one has been a favorite of mine since I bough it end of summer last year its a light purple with pink undertones £14
Candy Yum Yum - this lipstick is a cult favorite and I need a new one as this one is about 2 years and 2 months old, I know kind of minging but I cant let my self get rid of it. £14
Betty Bright - is a pink based coral. it has alot of orange undertones as well. perfect for a darker skin tone £16
Daddys Little Girl - I keeped the best for last. Daddys little girl is on mt lips every single day but i'm going to have to cut down on wering it as this little beauty was limited edition :( £16

what are your favorite lipsticks for spring/summer 13?
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  1. Candy Yum Yum looks amazing but I don't think I'm brave enough to sport it. Raspberrykiss xo

    1. ohh thats a shame. personaly i think you would rock it :) x

  2. Candy Yum Yum is amazing. It's such a gorgeous color.

    Thanks for sharing your spring lipstick collection,


  3. Ooh lovely colours. I have and LOVE candy yum yum and Betty bright.
    Really want up the amp in my life now :)



    1. candy yum yum is amazing. and yes you have to get up the amp x

  4. Ohh absoluely loving all of these shades :D Betty Bright and Candy Yum Yum are going to be a few of my faves too

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  5. Betty bright is so beautiful! By the time I got round to ordering it, it was sold out. Lovely choices. Candy yum yum is gorgeous too! xx

    1. betty bright is beautiful but i think it dont look the best on my really pale skin and pink undertones. candy yum yum is amazballs x

  6. Girl About Town is gone of my favourites!

    I can't make up my mind if I should get Candy Yum Yum or not.

    Kimberley x


    1. Ohh you should its amazing and beautiful and pink :) x