50 Day Spending Ban | Week 1

Hello my lovelies. so you may or may not know that I started a 50 day spending ban last Wednesday. I picked to only do a 50 day for 2 reasons, 1 last time I tried a 100 day I failed Missrably and 2 I want it to be finished before imats. 

So I decided to do a spending ban for quite a few reasons. 
1. I need to prove I can control my spending as i'm moving out on my own
2. I have to save for moving out
3. I need to save for imats london
4. I just really need to stop spending 

Anyway this is day 8 of my spending ban and i'm doing better than last time I tried. I have alot of makeup that will last me the next 42 days so that's good, the only thing I think I may ran out of is my concealer but its around £4 so maybe I can justifie getting that, what do you think?

Anyway this week I have had to pay for my beauty insurance which was very important for me to get. 

Total spent - £19
what's on my wishlist - The makeup forever flash palette and some crown brushes. I will get these items at imats

Now I really hope I can stick this spending ban out this time!

Good luck to everyone else doing a spending ban, if you are let me know and maybe we can help each other. 


  1. Good luck - I'd definitely class concealer as an absolute necessity, so I think £4 on that would be acceptable!
    I'm intrigued - beauty insurance!?
    Mel x


    1. Beauty insurance to cover my kit and just incase something bad happens when im working.

  2. I'm on week 2 of a spending ban for Imats too. It's so soon & I need to afford a huge wishlist! Good luck with it x

  3. I just put up my first spending ban post today! Mine has a bit of a twist though :)
    Good Luck! :)



  4. I have 5 days to go on my spending ban and I'm so keen for it to be done!