Review: Benefit There Real Mascara

Today's post is on the benefit there real mascara. I used to own this mascara but I ended up taking it back this was when it first came out, but the other day I was in benefit and I had £5 of so decided it deserved another go. I'm so glad I got it again.

The there real mascara won the 2012 beauty club awards and now I understand why. 
Benefit say: "they're real! lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won’t smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!"

This mascara is also the number 1 selling mascara in the UK

This mascara makes your eyelashes double in length. its crazy mascara has never shown the result this one has.
The packaging of this mascara is supper cute and sleek like all the benefit products it draws you in. This mascara has been out for almost a whole year now and at the beginning there was so much hype but now you don't really hear much about it which I think is weird as I love this mascara.
This mascara retails for £18.50 I know expensive right but it is amazing. It comes with 8.5 g which is quite a lot of product if you think about it.

The brush of this mascara looks kind of scary but its so cool it works so well to get into every single lash you have.
benefit say: " A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!"
This saying is so true it really douse as it has like a spike part at the end to help you reach the tricky areas

Pros: Reaches ever single lash you have
     Doubles your lashes in length
     Thickens your lashes
     Easy to find (Eg Boots)
     Amazing Packaging
     Lots of product
     Number 1 best seller.

Cons: Very expensive £18,50
        When new heard to open.

      (Before, After) 

As you can tell there is a huge difference in my eyelashes.
Overall i love this mascara and would defently recomend it to everone.

You can buy this mascara at Benefit 
Let me know what you think of this mascara and what your favourite one is. 



  1. U have changed my mind about this mascara because before I kinda thought it wouldnt be that gud, I heard that lancome hypnose is better tho :/ i might get this u know ♥

    1. you should try it it is amazing :) <3

  2. My go to mascara is running out, and I'm pretty tempted to try this one out now. Have you tried the benefit bad lash mascara? If so, how does it compare? xxx

    1. i would recomend this one. i have tried bad gal lash and its a good everyday mascara but it douse not give you as much length i dont have bad gal but i got it used on me when i got my makeup done and i can say this one is better. hope i helped

  3. I've only ever tried Bad Gal from Benefit but this sounds good, may have to give it a try when my current mascaras run out :) xxx

    1. i love there real you should defiantly try it as i think you will love it x

  4. i love this mascara, its so lovely! i definitely want to pick it up again when i finish my other mascaras x

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  6. I really wanna try this, it is quiet expensive and that is the only disadvantage but like u have sed everything else seems good xx

    1. it is amazing you should get it xx

  7. Wow it lengthens your eye lashes a lot. I have been using masterpiece mascara for years but this one looks just as good.

    Great blog by the way, you now have a new dedicated follower, would love if you could check out mine sometime and maybe follow back :)


    1. ohh thank you. i would defiantly recommend it its amazing