The Lipstick Tag

Today's post is going to be the lipstick tag. I have a list of different post I'm planing on doing but today I'm not to well so decided to do this fun but quick post. I saw this post on one of my favourite blogs Coleyyyful and also on my friends blog Forever glam x so new it was a post I wanted to do.

1. How Many Lipstick Do You Own?
I own around 13 lipsticks i know its not to many but I have just started getting into lip products. 

2. When You Were A Child Did You Use Your Mums Lipstick?
No i used my sisters. my mum is not a makeup person. 

3. How Old Were You When You Bought Your First Lipstick? 
I have no idea the one I remember was last year but I think I was probably around 10.

4.What Is Your Newest Lipstick?
The Revlon lip butters were the last ones I bought

5. What Is The Most Expensive Lipstick You Have Ever Bought?
Mac lipsticks there £13.50 but are crazy amazing and I would say are not even to expensive.

6. What Is The Most Inexpensive Lipstick You Have Ever Bought?
Probably the Barry m ones I used to have but I don't have them any more but they were really good.

7. What Is The Most Bizarre Thing You Have Ever Done With A Lipstick?
I wrote on a mirror which is so silly as I wrecked the lipstick.   

8. Pink Or Red?
I love both but I prefer orange haha but if I had to pick it would be the pink. 

This tag was really fun, let me know if you have done this tag or if your going to do it. 


  1. You own more lipsticks than me though :) And it is very bizarre writing on the mirror hehe :P xxx

    1. yehh some of mine i don't like so im going to put them in my kit. i know it was very silly. xx

  2. Nice Post :) ,guess the Revlon Lip Butters are a great Product!


  3. That's a lot of lipstick! I own like 4 since I always use the same colors over and over again and I hate reapplying throughout the day :/ I guess I'm just not a lipstick person

    1. yehh i used to be like that. :)