Review: Benefit lipglosses

Todays post is on the benefit lipglosses. After my nars lipgloss review I was requested to do a benefit lipgloss review so here it is and I hope you enjoy.

(Nude-Tude, Life On The A List,Spiked Punch, Foxy Lady, So Frisk Me, Kiss You) 

Benefit say: " Our dazzling lip glosses drench your lips in brilliant shine and a burst of juicy colour that's never sticky. Loaded with crystal brilliance, they glide on smooth with a silky brush that’s specially designed for perfectly even application. Just one stroke will give you glimmering, shimmering lips!"

I have a total of 6 mini lip glosses that came out at Christmas, You can purchase all of these by them self in full size. 
some of these I love and some of them I have a love hate relationship with. there the ones with the glitter in them, they look so pretty but the ones the glossiness has gone your left with glitter all over your lips and it feels horrible. 

                                      (Nude-Tude, Life On The A List,Spiked Punch, Foxy Lady, So Frisk Me, Kiss You) 

These lipglosses are very pigmented and look amazing when on the lips. my favourite ones are spiked punch, life on the a list and kiss you. The full size lipglosses contain 5.0 ml which is pretty good. These retail for £14 each which is still on the pricer side but these last a long time so you are getting your moneys worth.

Pros: Wonderful pigmentation
       lots of colours to pick from
       easy to find (eg boots)
       Last a long time 
       easy to apply 
      the packaging is beautiful  (on both the mini and the full size) 
      smells amazing 

cons: the glitter douse not feel nice  
        a little sticky 

                                                        ( Nude-Tude, Life on the A list, Spiked Punch)
(Foxy Lady, So Frisk Me,Kiss You)

Taken all my pros and cons into account I would deficiently recommend these lipglosses to you all but only if you dont mind stickiness. 

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Hope this review helped. let me know what you think of these and what your favourite lipgloss is.



  1. They look great but I can't cope with sticky lipgloss! Give the Clarins Colour Quench ones a go (I know I'm always raving about clarins haha) but they're amazing! Not sticky and last for ages!

    1. they are grate but not if you dont like sticky. i will try them out when i get a chance x

  2. Thank you for the review! I think I'm going to be trying spiked punch when I next see a Benefit counter. It looks like a colour I'd like in my collection and it looks lovely on you. xo

    1. no problem its a beautiful colour and i defently recommend it. xo

  3. hey, i recently tagged you in a post! hope you can check it out (:

    Jessie xx

  4. I would really love to get this but I can not stand sticky lipglosses even if its abit :( xxx

    1. yehh what lipglosses do u like?

  5. spiked punch looks delightful!
    your blog is great too, babe.