Review: Mac Cremeblend / BlushCream blushes

Today's Post is on one of my favourite things and that is blushes. These are not normal blushes these are the mac cremeblend blushes.

Mac Blushes are some of the best I have ever tried but i do also love the nars ones. Its funny as all my mac blushes are the cremeblend blushes or the mineralized ones I have never tried a powder blush so my mission is to get one when I go on holiday so let me know which ones you recommend.

Mac Says: " A blush that manages to make a simple blush state-of-the-art. Creamy, easy to blend medium coverage formula imparts a natural finish that's smooth, dewy-fresh, long-lasting."

Now I think what mac says is true except there not too easy to blend but as long as you blend fast you will be fine.

Sorry for the used items I have had lady blush for a wile now and I use the other two all the time.
As you can tell i own three, I have two cremeblend blushes and one blushcream. I prefer the formula of the cremeblend so I'm very happy that mac bought out that new formula.

These blushes contain 5.6 grams but I can tell you know these last a long time. These retail for £17.50 and yes mac has raised there prices again as these used to be £17. This is pretty expensive if you ask me so why raise it? But these are worth every single penny.

There also is not to many of these there are only 6 different colours which is a bit of a let down but what can you do. Mac also bring these out in collections, the latest collection shop shop shop had three different ones to choose from and I got two of them.  

As you can tell these blushes are very pigmented but its ok they do not go on the face like this.

Pros: Very Pigmented
       Lasts a long time
       Pretty easy to find
       Nice sleek packaging
       Beautiful colours
       Very creamy
       Can be built up to make a very bright colour
       Stays on your skin for a long time

Cons: Expensive £17.50
        have to be blended in fast
        Only 6 colours to chose from

Let me know what you think of the mac cremeblend blushes or blushcreams.
I hope this review helped. let me know if you have any requests as I would love to do posts that you want to read



  1. Love them :D I am going to be getting lady blush, I extremely love the colour xxx

    1. me to :D its a beautiful colour and it was my first ever mac product my dad got it for me for my s3 exams ( year 11) xx

  2. i only own lady blush myself and i love it!!

  3. wish florida was still available- such a pretty color!

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

    1. it will probably come back out again at some point :) x

  4. Lady blush looks lovely I shall definitely be having a swatch next time I'm near the mac store :) xo

  5. florada looks really cool. thanks for swatching these blushes

  6. I love the lady blush swatch- its so pretty!! But all three are.

    1. i love all three to :) lady blush is very pretty and even better they bought it out in the new formula x