Blogmas #5 | Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Hi everyone, todays blogmas is my Christmas Gift Guide For Her, over the next week I will be doing 2 more of these A gift guide for him and a stocking filler gift guide. 

1. Naked 3 Palette From Urban Decay. This palette is not actully out yet but comes out on the 16th so just in time for christmas. Im really exited about this palette and I think it would be a perfect gift for and makeup lover. I think it will retail for about £36

2. Real Techniques Sam's Picks. I love real techniques brushes and think this would be a wonderful gift for someone who both loves beauty and loves the pixiwoo sisters. this retails for £29.99

3. Hunter Wellies, such a wonderful gift defently for the season. I resently bought my hunter boots as my doctore actully recomended them for me. hunter boots are really good quality worm and feel nice on your feet. these ushaly retail between £70-£85

4. Kindle Fire. This is actully what me and my sisters are getting for christmas and i'm very exited about it as its going to be amazing as I travel alot. the kindle fire is £99 on amazon. 

5. Viva la Juicy perfume. This is one of my favorite perfumes. smells really nice and alot of girls really like this one. it retails for around £30 

6. Iphone 4,4s,5 and so on are great items, I love my iphone but would not recomend getting it on pay as you go so I would go with contract and contract all depends but ushaly starts at about £25 with a iphone. 

7. Asda Love photo frame. I have actully got this as part of my mums christmas pressent and have put in pictures of me and my sisters. it is actully really cheep at £4 

8. MAC holiday mini Pigment set. I love these there so handy defently for makeup artists. I love my one I have the one with purple and pink. these retail for £25.50

so thats everything on my gift guide. hope this helped some of you if you havent done your christmas shopping yet. 

One of our hanging decorations, we have had this for a very very long time.