A Disapointment NOTD

Hi everyone, it seems like every blog post I appologise for not blogging in so long and again im very sorry I have not blogged in a while I am trying my best but I do have 3 jobs now so its quite hard... anyways its november so everyone is getting exited and buying things ready for christmas so I was wondering is there and christmas tipe posts you want to see. also I thought you might like to know I will be trying to do the christmas countdown this year as last year I did fail at it. 

anyways today im doing a NOTD as I havent done one in so long but I am afraid this nail of the day is a disapointment. (please dont mind the state of my hands) this nail polish is by Nicole opi and is called Haley Good Lookin'...  now this nail polish is very pretty but im very dissapointed with it as its not what I thought it would be, I thought it would be like that katey perry one with big glitter not needing a undercoat or any thing and its really not, I used 3 coats hear and its still not a good coating :( 

Ohhh well you try a nail polish and get dissapointed so you try another, I will find something like teenage dream at some point I just know it. 

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