Review | Kryolan UV Dayglow Compact Colour Palette

So if you saw my imats haul post you would of seen this little baby in it. This is a pretty crazy amazing palette from Kryolan... Kryolan is a germany based brand and is known by and covertid by makeup artists around the world. Its a very populer well priced brand that more makeup collages are now using. If a makeup artist had to pick betweek kryolan and mac, I would garantee at least 90% of them would pick kryolan as its quality is amazing and I personaly cant find a falt in the products I have tried 

Any ways this palette is not actuly avalable to buy yet I dont think as it was a special release at imats. I think this palette will be out soon though... I wish I had picked up lots more from the charles fox stand at imats but I didnt so if anyone has recomends that I need let me know and around christmas I will pick them up from PAM. 

Kryolan dont focise on packaging, of corse they make the packaging useful and so it protects the products but kryolan dont spend a bunch of time comming up with pretty packaging they like to stic to the mettal tipe packaging with there logo on the top. Basic packaging I dont care all I care about is the product in side and that is exactly what kryolan care about. 

This palette is a uv palette so if you have a uv light these will activate but sadely I dont have a uv light but im hoping to do a uv shoot in the futucher so keep an eye out for that. 

anyways the colours in this palette are supper bright and very pigmented, you must use a primer under them though as there very powdery. 
this palette comes with 8 colours and can team up with the uv aqua colour palette and the uv Supracolor palette. the colours you get in this palette are UV yellow, UV green, UV blue, UV violet, UV mandarin, UV orange, UV red and UV pink 

well a few thoughts on one of the colours in normal light... in normal light the UV red is actully pink which is quite strange but its a defferent pink to UV pink. 

so this is the palette swatched without any primer but the colours are alot more bright with a primer under and of corce in a UV light. 

Kroyolan focases on the product quality and not the packaging, the uv colours are very pigmented and bright, there a very good size of pan. this palette also has an amazing mirror. 

The God Dam BAD
Kryolan products are hard to find in shops, not as bad as some brands but is hard to get if your not in london. also these eyeshadows have a kind of strange smell to it. now im actully going to mone a little about the packaging, i dont actully care but this might be something that would anoy someone is that the packaging dose scratch supper easly. 

This products is not actully avalable in the UK yet to buy but when it is I think it will retail for around £50 I did buy this palette at IMATS for £40. 

You can buy kryolan from PAM, Charlse FOX and guru makeup. 

Hope this review was helpfull to you,let me know your thoughts on Kryolan 


  1. woaaah, color pop, looks pretty, suitable for summer and spring make up play :)

    1. very amazing colourful palette i love it alot

  2. I want it so bad! I didn't realize it wasn't released it- I've been searching everywhere online :) thank you! I'm in the US, I'll get my hands on it somehow.... Xo