50 Day Spending Ban | Week 3

Hay there Lovelies. Its now day 23 of my spending ban. I'm almost half way there but i'm actuly going to expand my ban until July 18th just because even through i'm still saving I have slipped up a few times this past week. woops 

So this week I knew was going to be quite expensive as I had to pay for my tickets to glasgow and back which was £10 each way so £20 all together. so that was planned. what was not planed was our debenhams to get in the illamasqua mystery boxes for only £19 and i'm sorry but i really could not pass up that offer. 

Total Spent - £39
On My Wishlist - Kryolan items, The new illamasqua lipsticks and Hydro Vale and crown brushes

hope everyone else is doing good on there spending bans. 

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