50 Day Spending Ban | Week 2

Hello my lovelies. its now been 16 days since I started my spending ban. I think its going pretty well actully, I have bought a few items that I needed for shoots but not much and when buying the items I have found that bargains are pretty easily found.

So this week I had to buy a blue wig for a shoot but it has not arrived yet, some eyelashes as i'm running out, a pack of head bands for a shoot on Saturday and a powder highlighter. 

Total spent - £ 13.61
on my wishlist - Kryolan palettes and crown brushes again and Illamasqua new collection

so the good thing is the makeup forever flash palette is no longer on my list, I was at the Edinburgh Collage of Art last week doing makeup for the costume show and I was speeking to some other makeup artists and they all use Kryolan so I changed my mind and i'm getting kryolan instead of makeup forever. 

this week maybe a bit more expensive as I have to book my bus to glasgow for a shoot next week and I may not be able to control myself with face on magazine eeeee. But I promise I will wait till london to get the stuff on my wishlist. 

good luck everyone on a spending ban and I hope to see lots of you at imats this year. 


  1. I'm currently on a spending ban too! Haha ohhhh the pain! xx

    1. its sooo hard this week has been hard defo with the new illamasqua collection come out. im alowing myself 1 product as i know it will not effect my saving for imats as i have worked out imats money to the t