Small Illamasqua Haul

Hayya Lovelies. Today's post was going to be a foundation match video but I had another no makeup day today as i'm still ill so decided to do sundays post and swap them around, so today i'm doing a small illamasqua haul. 

As a Makeup artist I have tried many different brands and grew to love illamasqua a lot for there crazy colours and there wonderful campaigns, Illamasqua products are slightly more expensive than mac but right now I would pick them for my kit for some things over mac.  

So as you can tell I only got 4 things, Its a lot for some but little to others. To tell the truth I would of bought alot more but I dont have much money right now and i'm moving to edinburgh in the summer and going to imats so have to save like crazy, the good thing is I actully get 40% off illamasqua for being a makeup artist. 

So I bought two face products for myself. I needed a new foundation as my belovid nars sheer glow is totally gone, I have used two full bottles of that baby and will miss it a lot but thought it was time to try somthing else, I also needed a new primer as I had ran out of my smashbox photofinish. 
I picked Skin base in the colour 2. This colour is perfect for me its pale enough for me witch makes me very happy. I got it as everyone raves about it and I thought well I will try it for myself. I got it for £16.50 I think (there will be a review on it very soon)
I then got Satin Primer as I have dry exima prone skin and I need a base other wise foundation dose not sit well on my patches of exima. £13.50 or so. 

I then picked up two lipsticks from the easter egg hunt plus the easter 10% off. so these lippys were only £7.20 each, AMAZING
I got Atomic which is a pink with red tones. its so pretty and I all ready know what shoot I will be using this in. 
Sangers is a pure red colour its matte and has more of a orange undertone to a blue. 
both these lippys are for my kit. 

So thats my haul, hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have bought anything from illamasqua lately. 


  1. I got Atomic as well and I love it! Xx

    1. i love it to even though i just got it and have only used it on a face chart so far

  2. These lipstick are gorgeus :O


  3. Love everything you picked up :D still need to try out some Illamasqua goodies

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. you should totaly cheek them out there amazing. you could enter my giveaway and you could win some illamazqua

  4. Great haul! Those lipsticks look amazing :)


  5. Some lovely buys here! I've never heard of this brand but i'm very tempted to purchase some items! x

    I walk in fashion ( Please enter my giveaway!)♥

    1. ohhh you have never heard of illamasqua ? you have got to try them out there AMAZING!!!! x