Another Illamasqua Haul

Hayya Lovelies.... I know I know another Illamasqua haul, I'm naughty and just cant help my self when it come to illamasqua products defiantly when illamasqua decided to give us makeup artists 50% off this week. Ok so now I have maid this order I DONT need anything else until imats so I need to save so i'm going to try a 50 day no spending challage I started on the 17/4/2013.

So I bought 7 things which is quite a bit to some but not much to others but I did save quite a lot of money on these items so please dont judge me. also these items I bought are for my entry to the illamasqua makeup competition.

So we will start of with the face products I got first. 
- I first got the illamasqua skin base foundation in white. skin base I love on myself its a beautiful foundation but I needed a white foundation for my kit as sometimes I get a really pale client of for things like a costume show or of coarse fantasy makeup. this white foundation looks amazing in photography as well. 
- Illamasqua Lies cream blush, This blush looks quite pink in the pan but its not pink its actully a high lighter. its beautiful and I know I will be using this so much in shoots and just on my clients. 

For eyes I picked up too eyeshadow's. illamasqua eyeshadows are so supper pigmented and there all matte. I picked these to for the illamasqua comp. 
- illamsqua Vulgar eyeshadow. this is a fire orange colour which is exactly what I was looking for. Orange eyeshadows allways come in handy as they look grate with blue eyes for a pop of colour. 
- illamasqua Imagin eyeshadow. This is a bright blue. its not really dark or really light its mid toned and its soo pigmented. 

so then lastly I bought 3 lipstick's, well actually I bought 2 lipsticks as it was buy 2 get your 3rd free. yay. 

- immodest lipstick. its a supper bright matte pink its gorge and I dont have a colour like this in my kit and I have really been eyeing it so thought I would get it. Its from the im'perfection collection.
- Disciple lipstick. this is a dark blue lipstick, it looks black on photo but its actually a navy blue. grate for editorial work. 
- sonnet lipstick. I bought this colour mainly for my brides but would be grate for shoots and stuff as well. I didnt have a pinkie nude in my kit which is quite weird as I have about 30 lippys in my kit. 

So thats what I bought. this will probably be my last haul for a little while but my next haul if i can manage the chalange will be a huge imats haul. woop. 

hope you enjoyed and if you want to win somthing from illamasqua and other brands make sure to go enter my giveaway


  1. Fab haul! Immodest looks lovely :)

  2. I'm going on a spending ban until Imats too! Its so close now yay x

  3. great giveaway! The lipsticks look lovely :)


    1. i hope you can go enter my giveaway hun.

  4. Would love to try the skin base foundation, need to save my pennies!

    Becky xx

  5. Sonnet looks very pretty, I have never heard it mentioned before :)

  6. Can't believe MUA get 50% off! I'm so jealous!The blue eyeshadow looks amazing!

    1. we got 50% of that week but normally its 40%. it is amazing xx