All About Colour Correction

Hayya There My Lovelies. Today i'm doing a post all about colour correction. I was actually going through my giveaway comments looking for inspiration for today's post and saw Jade Wiggins wants to see a post about Anti redness, I decided to just do a post on all colour correction. 

So colour correction is not actually used to much now a days but people with lots of redness find it quite use full. 

Most people would use things like concealers but brands such as smashbox have actually bought out colour correcting primers.

The thing that ushaly freaks people out about colour correction is the colours of the product, but once you know what the colours are for your pretty much good to go. 

Think of a colour wheel 

Green | green is for redness. green and red are oparset each other on the colour wheel so green will cancel out redness. 
Purple | purple/lavender is for sallowness. Purple will brighten up sallow skin.
Peach | peach is for blue tones such as under the eyes. 

Colour correction is a wonderful thing and is grate for people who have very problematic skin. some good products for colour correction are illamasqua cream pigments, there a grate consistency and are grate colours for colour correction.

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  1. This is a great post! It's nice to no for sure now what colours do what!

    Some Sparkle and Shine

    1. Im really happy i could help and so glade you enjoyed it. xx

  2. This is so interesting! :)
    I've never even heard of using colours on the face, would love to see a before and after post!

    1. Glade you enjoyed this post. i will defo think about doing a before and after post

  3. Nice post and lots of infromation about the colour correction thanks.....
    colour correction