Urban Decay The Grate and Powerful Glinda palette

Hay there lovelies, today I have the Urban decay glinda palette to review, as you know I recently reviewed the theodora palette and loved it so decided to get glinda with some birthday money. Urban Decay are really stepping up there game with there amazing new packaging, I love it so much more than the old cardboard packaging. anyway this palette was a colab by urban decay and Disney  they created two new palettes to go with the Disney Oz the grate and powerful movie which has just been release in cinemas. Urban decay are some of my all time favorites for eye shadows so look out for more reviews.  

Tornado | This is a beautiful dark/mid toned purple. Its beautiful all over the lid or in the crease. 
Aura | this is a duo shade, Half is light blue and half is light pink, there both perfect highlight shades.
Magic | magic is a mid toned pink, its beautiful and has quite a bit of shimmer in it. 
Illusion | This is a nice creamy colour its quite yellow under toned. Its grate for highlighting as well. 
OZ | this is another duo its half silver and half gold
South | This is a gun metal colour, its beautiful and even my nails are drawn to it. it now has 2 holes in it :(
Rockstar |  its a really dark purple/ brown really creamy
Glinda | this is a lip colour, its a nice nude 

What I Like?
This palette makes a supper girly eye look and can be used for ether day or night. the pigmentation is amazing in all the colours and I love the highlight shades that come with this palette. The lipcolour is perfect for everyday and is so easy to apply. This palette is not to expensive in my eyes as you get 6 full size eyeshadows, a UD 24/7 glide on eye pencil and the glinda lip pencil which I love. the colour magic can also be used as a blush. 

What I Dont Like?
I dont think there is anything I dont like. 

My Final Thoughts
My last review I told you that the Theodora palette was not a nessasery unless you are a total urban decay collector, this one I think everyone needs in there life. This palette compleats a whole look so its worth the price and all the colours are very very pigmented. 

You can Buy Urban Decay Glinda palette from debenhams stores or online you can also save ten percent until tomorrow the 9/3/2013

What do you think of the new urban decay palettes?


  1. I am not a big fan of shades Aura and Magic. Too bad there are no matte shades tho. Other colours look gorgeous. I can't buy it here, UD is not sold in my country. *sigh*
    X Deja

  2. i'm so jealous! i love the magic color :)

    new beauty blogger,
    eymbeauty.blogspot.com <3

    1. i love the whole palette cant wait to use it more

  3. Ah I seriously need this palette! I think out of the two, I would wear Glinda most, it looks like a real essential!


    1. i love both palettes but theodora is dupable so this one is more worth it. im a theodora though :) x