Inglot Eyeshadow Review (Updated)

Hay there Lovelies, So I know the brand i'm going to talk about today is not the best known but it is defiantly a brand to be exited about. today i'm doing my updated review on Inglot eye shadows. if you have followed my blog from the beginning you will know that I think inglot is an amazing brand and there eye shadows are amazing, well here is an update on the review I did in the beginning. 

Now first of before I get started with the review I would like to tell you a little about inglot. Inglot was founded 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot who was a chemist wishing to produce high quality cosmetics at a low price. it was founded in Poland. Inglot is not the most well known brand as it has not been in the Uk for very long, there are only 3 stores in the whole of the UK. 

My review is on the Inglot eye shadow freedom system. I know have the 40 pc palette which I will fill slowly. Inglot have a lot of different sized freedom palettes from 2pc to 40pc. I did have the size 10 but now I have the 40pc one as I love inglot eye shadows. 

Colours I Have so far

First row top to bottom- 
357| A dirty blond type colour (matte)
375| A reddish brown  (matte)
second row top to bottom-
361| a light coral orange (matte)
362| a bright light pink (matte)
325| a beautiful dark purple this colour is amazing (matte)
row three top to bottom
37| a beautiful bronze with glitter (AMC)
forth row top to bottom
30| a light yellow with glitter (AMC)
24| a light aqua blue (AMC)
66| a lavander type purple (AMC)
sixth row top to bottom
493| a light purple (DS)
491| a beautiful glittery dark purple (DS)

What I Love?
Inglot have such a big choice of eye shadows to choose from and all there eye shadows are supper pigmented. Inglot is avordable so basically anyone can buy it being only £4.50 an eye shadow. inglot offer pro cards to makeup artists were you can get 20% discount. also inglot do not test on animals.  There are many different textures but all are like butter and feel soft and are supper pigmented. the palette is very sturdy and the magnetic part is supper strong as well so the eye shadows will not fall out. 

What I dont Like?
This is a plus and a bad thing, as the eyeshadows are very magnatised in there, they can be quite hard to get out. I have found two ways to get them out though, use like a broken bobby pin or use the magnet and get them out like that. I'm also not to happy that you cant find inglot in many places as I know the brand would be very popular. 

Final Thoughts 
I would defiantly recommend inglot to everyone it's an amazing brand, I just wish they would open some more stores. I also think Inglot eye shadows are just as good even better than MAC. Inglot eye shadows come with 2.7g of product so you get a lot for only £4.50

Were To Find Inglot?
you can find inglot online or in store. there are 3 inglot stores in the UK so far, Aberdeen, Sterling and London. You will also be able to order over the phone.
look out for a inglot haul next week

If you have any other questions about inglot feel free to ask me. 
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  1. I'm definitely going to invest in an inglot palette at IMATS! Did you do a make-up artistry course to become a mua or are you self taught?

    I'd love for you to let me know if you reply! xxx

  2. you should defo infest in some hun.

    im self taught but im doing a makeup corse if you get what i mean. im origanaly self taught but wanted my qualification so decided to do a cause. xx

    1. Ooh I see! Sweet! :) Think I'm going to save up for a mua course! Wish you all the best in yours! Love your work so far :D! xx

  3. Oooo these looks gorgeous! It's a shame we don't get them here!

    Kimberley x

    1. ohh know thatsa big shame. maybe you can order online or maybe go to a imats if there is one were u are x

  4. I always wanted to try Inglot but thought the online swatches were poor, so when I found out there was a store in Stirling I was really pleased! I love the neutral palette i put together. But I think I'd be happier to make an online order now I have a better idea of the quality and colours! Xx

    1. im so happy you like inglot too. it is amazing . what colors do you have in yours? xx

  5. I've heard of Inglot so much, they're very well known for pigmented colors. I'm dying to get myself some, but we don't have any counters in Singapore so I've been contemplating getting my sister to send me some from Poland :p I'm just worried they might get damaged in post, so am putting off the thought until I (hopefully) return for a holiday in Christmas... Fingers crossed!


    1. I really hope you manage to get your hands on some inglot hun xx

  6. I really want to try Inglot! I love the shades you picked out, too-so pretty!
    Visiting from the #bbloggers blog hop xoxo

    1. you should most defo try inglot best eyeshadow brand in my opinion. well joint with UD

  7. Oh wow, those are awesome! I know LetzMakeup on Youtube likes Ingot a lot and I (foolishly) assumed that as a lot of MUA's and such like it then the shadows would be expensive like MAC. If they're only £4.50 I think I may have a new brand to lust over... I love the colours you have as well, the Aqua looks beautiful.

    1. Inglot is awesome. lote of people also dont know about it. but i love it and i love letzmakeup as well. got a bit list of eyeshadows to get. you should get some there only £4.50 i wish instad of buying so many mac eyeshadows i had just bought these as it shames me to say this i have spent like £350 on mac eyeshadows ahhhh. opps. but anyways you should defo try inglot. x

  8. These palettes look amazing:) x

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