My Lipstick Collection


Hayya Lovely's today's post is my lipstick collection. I thought you might enjoy this post and video. This is a mix of my lippys and the ones I hold in my kit, minis cyber as my mum lost it so I need to find it. 
My lipstick collection is a medium size its not the smallest and not the biggest but its a good size.

I have a mix of different lipstick brands but most are mac as there my all time favorite lipsticks. 

My descriptions-
Naturally Eccentric- A very pale concealer shade with pink undertones 
Vegas volt- A pure coral shade
brave red- a creamy red which looks grate on pale skin tone
saint germain- a barbie pink
ruby woo- a matte red
up the amp- a beautiful pigmented purple
violetta- Is a really pretty glittery purple 
candy yum yum- bright bubble gum pink
pure zen- light peachy pink
rebel- a dark berry colour
innocence bewere- a light pink
viva glam gaga 2- a ugly poopy light peach
impassioned- a red toned dark pink
strawberry shortcake- a pale bright pink
tutti frutti- a bright orange
cupcake- a barbie pink
sweet tart- a bright pink looks like impassioned
apocallips- a dark greeny blue
mystic- a old lady pinkie purple
gose and gose- a dark purple. 

hope you enjoyed, I would really love your support on my youtube. If you liked this video please subscribe and comment. 


  1. absolutely love your collection! I don't think I've ever seen Impassioned swatched before it looks gorgeous, will definitely be keeping an eye out after seeing this x

  2. I have a lot of the same lipsticks as you!

  3. So many beautiful colours! I have loads of them myself as well :P


  4. I still can't afford MAC on my budget but I adore those Revlon lip butters... I think I bought almost all the shades :O