New Collection- MAC Glamour Daze Collection Holiday 2012 Part 2

Hayya Lovely's, this is part 2 of the MAC Holiday Collection. This part is on the gift sets.
If you want to see the colour collection, click here

Eye shadow Pallets
Pink Palette – Taupeless, Satin Taupe , Love Spice, Spellcaster, Black Slip
Green Palette – Blonde Mink, Magical Mist, Brun, Enviable, Smut
Orange Palette – Glamour Light, Retrospeck, Honesty, Cognac, Sketch

Face Pallets
Information not yet available 

Eyes Lips and Cheek Pallet
Information Not yet available 

Pigment Stacks

Stack One - 
She’s Got Class – shiny platinum gold
Moss Garden – satin green lake
I’ve Got a Crush on You – metallic green brown
Spruced – metallic blue-green

Stack two -
Rose Light – rosy pink

Silk Stocking – golden sand
Darling Coquette – shiny white gold
Ever Elegant – dark reddish brown with pink pearl

Stack Three -
Information not yet available 

Lipglass sets

Set One
Out for Glamour – bluish pink with glitter
Sublime Shine – pale orange brown
Geo Pink – soft red
On the Scene – pale fleshy orange

Set Two -
Satin Slip – light pearly orange
Fashion Whim – soft pink
Kiss Don’t Tell – dark brown
Get Rich Quick – dark coffee with multicolor pearl

Set Three -
Information not yet available 

Lip Bags -
No information available yet

Eye Bags -
No Information yet

There are also 3 brush sets but they're really not worth it as the brushes are not hand made and sometimes don't look like the full size. If you want, I can do a comparison.


  1. great post.
    Totally love the design of this collection, especially the little bows

    btw: I added your button to my 'favourite blogs' section on my site. just wanted to let you know ;)

    1. I know its so cute i cant wait for november to get this collection
      thank you so much hun xx

  2. Can't wait for this collection ! wow :O


    1. Me two im getting 2 of the pigment sets as there my love right now

  3. This looks like such a great collection, I'm so excited!

    1. i love it so much more than last years im exited for the pigment sets the most but love the look of one of the lipglass sets two

  4. The packaging is too pretty! I'd buy it just for the packaging alone! LOL

    1. haha you sound just like me thats what i did for hay salior haha. but if i dont like packaging i wont buy the product haha