Current Favorites: Purple Lip Combo

Hi everyone today I'm going to start a new series called Current Favorites. I have done these kind of post before but this time im going to focus on a product and give a review on it. So today its going to be on my purple lip combo. 

Purple lips are my new favorite lip color. As I have Green/Blue eyes Purple looks good but so dose orange. I also like the purple lips as it makes my teeth look whiter which is grate. 

My lip combo includes the mac lip pencil in Magenta and the mac Casual Colour in Evening Stroll. The reason I picked these two items is because when I went to mac a few weeks ago all the makeup artists were wearing this lip combo and i just loved it when they tried it on me.

- Evening Stroll Casual Colour: This product is very smooth and dose feel like a gloss/ lip conditioner. But this product can be used on lips and cheeks but i think i will only be using on my lips as I'm not a grate fan of the feel on the cheeks. This product can be light but it can be built up to a rich purple defiantly if you use it on top of the magenta lip pencil.

pros: Love the texture for lips
       Beautiful rich colour
       Can be used both on lips and cheeks 
       Nice packaging
       Lasts a very long time 

Cons: Expensive £17.50
        I don't like the texture for the cheeks.  

- Magenta Lip Pencil: This lip pencil is so soft and smooth. Mac lip pencils are the only ones I own but will most defiantly be getting a lot more lip pencils for my freelance kit including another magenta. Magenta lip pencil comes of a little bit more pink but defiantly  has that purple tint. I would not ware it alone but with the casual colour its perfect. 

Pros: Lasts a very long lime 3- 7 hours 
       Lots of colours 
       Good price 
       Good colour pay of

Cons: Can be drying 

This picture is not the best because of my camera quality but when i get my new camera i hope to get a good picture of this lip combo up so you get a better idea of the colour. But i really love the colour even though the camera is making it look pink i can tell you its a mid toned purple that i think would soot most people. 



  1. Sooo pretty :) ur deffo rockin out this lip combo, however I'm not very sure it would suit me :/ xxx

    1. i think it would suit most people. i love it xx

  2. I've my eye on purple lips for a long time!!!
    and I love MAC casual colour. just picked up "Keep it loose"!

    I absolutely adore your blog. The makeup is wonderful and I'll really love to try that out!

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