My Obsession with Purple Lipstick ( A Overview)

Hay everyone, today i'm doing a post about my obsession with purple lipsticks. now I own alot of purple lipsticks but right now im just showing you my own personal ones and not my kit ones. 

so I have 9 purple lipsticks in my own collection and non of them are the same, there close but not the same. 
so first off we have UP The Amp from mac. this is quite a light mouve purple which im quite obsessed with. 
next is flat out fabulise which is a very pink toned purplely colour from mac. 
next is my new favorite macs heroin, this has just been released pernement at mac uk and I bought it the day it was released as I have wanted it for so long.
daddies little girl which is was limited edition at mac last year, its an amazing colour and im running very low on it. 
Airborn unicorn from lime crime. amazing amazing amazing is all i really have to say!!
d'lilac also from lime crime  which i havent used yet because its really crazy and it a pure lilac colour. 
misteriose mauve from dior, this is a mix between heroin and up the amp and I love it! 
shame from urban decay is a very very dark red purple its beautiful and when I first got it I wore it non stop
last we have venom from urban decay which is a pink toned purple and is lovely, havent worn it yet as just got it. 

so thats all my purples right now and I love them all. my own personal lipstick collection is starting to get big too now :)


  1. Really love the look of those Lime Crime lipsticks - dying to give some a go!


  2. these are lovely, im desperate to try a purple lip!

    em @

  3. I have yet to try UD lippies! Venom looks amazing !!!

    Ashlie Xx

  4. I'm craving Flat Out Fabulous, I love matte textures!

  5. Wow, some of these are just gorgeous!