February Favorites

Hi everyone, I know I must be one of the worst bloggers in the world, I dont know what is rong with me these days I used to blog all the time even when I found it hard to find time. Anyways I have decided to do a post today as I have been kicked out the living room as my mum and dad are rapping my 18th birthday pressents, ahhh i'm so exited I turn 18 on saterday only 3 days woop. but this also meens that february is almost over, some of you will be like WHAT like my post man forgetting that february is only 28 days long, ohh its so exiting can not wait for 1st of march. 

anyways the point of this post is to show you what I have been loving this month. so we shall begin!!

First of for foundation. Yes I have fallen in love with mac studio fix fluid for the thousand time in 4 years. I were NW10 in the foundation which is the lightest shade mac do and its a perfect match. I love how this foundation looks on my skin it gives me a perfect matt finish and I just top it of with translusant powder and bam its there all day long. 

Next I have my mac pinch o peach blush which I actully bought on the 2nd of march last time and I actully havent been loving it but the past month ohh its amazing gives me a nice flush to the cheeks. 

then we have the sleek brow duo. this is pretty much the same thing as the benefit one but this is like £6 or something. this is the best brow product I have used on myself in a long time. 

Lorial manga eye mascarra been using this since it came out and god I will be repurchising it as it is amazeballs like seriosly makes my eyelashes so long and lovely. 

Urban decay liquid liner in prefeshion. this is a really good liner, when I got my first one of these 2 years ago I hated it but I think they may have changed the formula and now I love it!

next is 2 lip products from lime crime, we have the pink velvetine which I have a review on, this lasts for so long on the lips and applyes perfectly to the lips. then we have airborn unicorn lipstick which is the perfect purple lipstick.  

last but not least is some of my mac eyeshadows. right now i'm loving rule eyeshadow which is a light orange, im loving pluff! eyeshadow and im loving shadowy lady as well. 

so thats all im really mentioning in todays post. what have you been loving this month ? anything you think I should buy? 


  1. i love the sleek brow duo! so reasonable & such a good product! x

    1. it is so great, if only more people new it :)