Blogmas #1 | New MAC store in aberdeen

Hi everyone, today is the first of december so the first day of blogmas. This year im really going to try hard to keep up with blogmas it might be very hard but I will try my best. 
You may or may not know but MAC cosmetics has opened its first store in scotland and its were I used to live which is aberdeen and were still up there quite abit to you can imagein how exited I am about it, Defently as you can use pro discount in a mac store. 

So today we went on a little trip upto aberdeen, I was kind of worried in case I could not go as I have been very ill this past week and havent been in work or anything but luckily my antybiotix has worked and i'm feeling alot better now still not 100% but alot better than what I was. Anyways when we were up in aberdeen of corce we had to go into the new mac store as for one it just exites me and for 2 I needed a new foundation, I was going to get a new blush palette for my kit but something happened and I will go into detail about it in another blogmas post but yehh i got my studio fix fluid in nw10 so i'm exited to use it. 

Anyways the MAC store was amazing the staff was nice, nace layout and a plus I could use my 35% discount too. 

So we will go into more detail about my day in the haul post which I will be putting up this week so untill then hope your having a good 1st of december. 

our window display this year. I love it. 


  1. Loving the window display! I still haven't gotten myself any MAC but one day soon, I can feel it coming! x