Birthday Shopping Haul

Hayya Lovelies. As you may know I turned 17 on Friday the 1st of march and went shopping in Glasgow yesterday. It was so much fun and I bought quite a lot of stuff. I also have a what I got for my birthday video up later today. 

So I bought quite a few bits a peaces from different shops. I went to MAC, Urban Decay, Lush and Holister. I had a grate time as I have not been in Glasgow since I was seven so that's 10 years ago and i'm so exited for next time I go as its a wonderful place for shopping and spending money. 

So MAC was crazy it was massive but crazy busy. I bought 4 things that I had been wanting for a long time. 
MAC Sheer tone Blush in Pinch on Peach- This is a pink but peach blush which I want wait to were 
MAC Powder Blush in Harmony- this is a grate contouring shade. cant wait to use it.
MAC Girl about town lipstick- This is a nice bright pink lipstick. wanted it for ever
MAC Morange lipstick- This is a bright orange lipstick. 

If you saw my birthday wishlist you would of know that there is a tun of urban decay items I wanted. As you can tell I only got one of the items on the list because the foundation too dark the flushed palette was not what I expected and the basics palette was too simaler to other colours. 
I got the urban decay oz palette in glinda because as you may know I love my Urban Decay Theodora Palette.

So from lush I picked up 4 things. lush is one of my favorite places so I could not not go to lush.

I picked up?
Melting marchmalow moment Luxury bath melt
blackberry bath bomb bath balistic
space girl bath balistic
Brightside Bubble bar

I also Picked up a t-shurt from Hollister which is 2 sizes to big as I want it for over the shoulder.

Have you bought anything recently. there may be another haul from inglot to.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! You're the same age as me now :)
    You got some lovely things especially all the Mac stuff x

  2. You got some lovely things! The mac lipsticks are gorgeous! x

  3. Happu Birthday!

    Love the stuff you picked up!!


  4. Aww love everything you picked up :D i really want to get my hands on Harmony too for contouring but always seem to froget to pick it up when i go :(

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. I will defo do a review on harmony very soon. i think i will love it. x

  5. I always say this but I wish my flat had a bath tub, I really want to use all these new Lush products they bring out :( Can't wait to move out haha x

    1. I really hope you get a bath soon soo you can enjoy lush x

  6. Replies
    1. i cant wait to use it tomorrow been keeping it clean for hauling

  7. You love lush! My house will smell like a lush shop soon!


  8. Happy belated birthday! I love the Glinda Palette :)


  9. Happy birthday! Lovely haul :) x

  10. o0o who's a lucky girl :) Happy Birthday, enjoy!

    Ellie x