OOTD | Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day Lovelies.  So today is the day that every couple celebrates there love for each other, and the ones that are single share there love with a box of chocolates. 
Well me I fit in non of those two category's as this year I have been set up on a blind date. ahhh. 

Anyway I have only ever done like two outfit posts so decided today would be a good day to do one, The reason I dont to many of theses are because i'm rubbish at them, I cant take good outfit posts as I always look awkward and the photos are always bad. But today when I had my friend over I decided it might tern out better. 

My Outfit
For my outfit I have decided to go with simple girly cute. 
My dress is from Primark and was only £15 which is a complete steel, I got this on Saturday
My Pink Heals that you cant see are from new look 2 years ago

My Jewelry
My Pandora bracelet I got for my 13th birthday and the charm I bought 1.5 years ago
My necklace I got from my big sister Rebecca for Christmas 

My Nails
On my nails is Obsess, painted all over them 2 coats
The little hearts are with jen which is a nice move pink 

My Lipstick
On my lips I have Up the amp which is my favorite lipstick 

Hope you enjoyed my OOTD post, Let me know if you want to see some more. 
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  1. Your nails are so cute! :)

    http://www.danielleyc.com xx

  2. I almost bought this dress but I went for a black one instead (: xxx


    1. i didnt know they had a black. i might have to buy it to. x

  3. The dress is sooo prettyyy and I love the necklace too ♥ The nails are soo cutee!!!
    Hope u had a great valentines day btw!!


  4. Gorgeous necklace, and really like the streak of purple through your hair!

    Thanks for your link in the #bbloggers chat. Following your blog now.