Inglot Sweet Pea Make Up Look

Hayya Lovelies. I'm here today with my first make up look kind of post. now I have done FOTDs in the past but I have been requested so many times to do post's on eye makeup. So I have thought long and hard over doing these simply because i'm really bad at taking pictures of  my self never mind just my eyes, But thanks to Blog of Shadows giving me some amazing tips here is my first Make up look post. For this look I decided to use my inglot palette to show you how it looks on the eyes as after my last review a lot of people now really want to try inglot. :) 

Products I Used | Urban Decay Primer potion Over the lid and lower lash line, Over the lid Inglot 363 mixed with 493. in the crease inglot 491 and in the outer corner and under the lower lash line inglot 325. I used soap and glory eyeliner winged out and maybeline the rocket mascara and eylure eyelashes. For the browns I used MAC Charcole brown eye shadow. 

I really hope you like this look. Purples are my favorite colours to use but this was the first time using pink of my own eyes as I always think it will make my eyes look supper red. I actually really loved this makeup though. 

If you want to see more posts like this just let me know and I would be happy to do them. if so please do request some persific looks to do. 


  1. I think it would be really cool to see pictures of each step! Could you do a smokey eye? xxx

    1. I will defo try do each step. and yes i can do a smokey eye :) will add that to my list now :) xxx

  2. This looks so great!! And those are GREAT pictures too!xx

  3. The look is stunning and those photos are amazing. Blog of Shadows gives great tips, I need to get the hang of working with the ones she gave me!

  4. Adorable :-) Beautiful shades! Looks lovely on you!

  5. this is such a magical purple smoky eye look! love!
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