Fashion Show 2012

Hi everyone, Last week I was part of a fashion show to raise money for the cystic Fibrosis trust that my friend Amy organised. Amy maid most of the clothing and some of it was lent from Asda.  All the clothing looked really good and i think we all had an amazing time and ended up raising over £600 for the charity.

(Elysa(me), Claire, Amy)

I also did some of the makeup for the fashion show. 
My own makeup i did quite bold with purple lips (My new favorite lip combo which i will right about in another post) Faulse lashes and a look which was inspired by a mac makeup artist named Becca. The eyeshadows I used were expensive pink all over the lid and shroom in the crease. 

Claire's makeup is quite bold as well with bright pink lips using candy yum yum and a pink lipglass from the Chan man collection at mac. I did a purple smoky eye on her as well as she has green blue eyes so the purple really complements them  with a pair of false lashes. 

Amy's makeup I did quite neutral using the naked 2 pallet. Amy loves neutral makeup so i maid it nice and neutral. 

My Outfits

My outfits were a mix between Amy's cloths and cloths from Asda. I loved all the outfits but i think my favorite were the top left outfit.  

Claire's Outfits

Claire's outfits were also a mix of Amy's cloths and asda's cloths. Claire pulled of all her outfits and i have to admit a much better modal than i am as i was very scared.

Chloe's Outfits 

Chloe may of been the youngest of all of us but has the most experience as she has done other fashion shows in the past. her outfits were very pretty and some were different from the rest of ours being the only one sent out in a nightie, which i have to say she rocked it.  

Kayleigh's Outfits

I loved the outfits Kayleigh wore expectantly top left. She was the oldest of all of us. 

I'm so happy for Amy she did so well organizing this fashion show. So if your reading this a supper duper Congrats to you. 



  1. Amazing Pictures! Love it :)


    1. thanks. The pictures were taken by a photographer except the ones of makeup. x

  2. I have Cystic Fibrosis so i think its great that you helped raise money for it :) x

  3. Woww that is sooo cool, You looked amazing
    The purple lip combo looks so pretty on you and I wish I could have came to the show :P xxx

    Khadz ♥

    1. im going to be doing a post just on the lips as i love them now its my new favourite :)

  4. looks wonderful! you did a great job x